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Nintendo prices 8GB Wii U at $418, to begin sales in Japan in Dec

Published on Sep 13, 2012 3:38 PM
The Nintendo Wii U is a next-generation touchscreen console which will act as an interactive second screen during game-play. Nintendo said it will announce the price and other details of its new game console the Wii U at 0700 GMT (3pm, Singapore time). -- PHOTO: NINTENDO

TOKYO (REUTERS) - Nintendo Co said it will price its new game console the Wii U in Japan at 26,250 yen (S$418) for the 8 gigabyte model and 31,500 yen for the 32 GB version from Dec 8.

Nintendo's president announced the prices on Thursday in a web cast.

The creator of Super Mario is fielding the successor to its hit Wii console in the run-up to the busy year-end shopping season and is battling to woo gamers with Microsoft Corp, Sony Corp and more recently tablet and smartphone makers including Apple Inc.

Supporting two "GamePad" controllers designed to look and function like tablets, the first new console from Nintendo in six years will come with a social-gaming network function dubbed"Miiverse" installed and will be its first machine in 16 years to launch with a dedicated Super Mario game title.