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Need to use the loo urgently? There's a website for that

Published on Mar 6, 2014 2:25 AM

WASHINGTON (AFP) - It has been the ruin of many a pleasant outing: Nature calls, but there's nowhere to go.

Now, a new website is making it easier for tourists to get much needed relief when traveling in an unfamiliar city or town.

The site, Airpnp, is modeled after the popular lodging website Airbnb, in which homeowners make their spare rooms or unoccupied dwellings available to paying lodgers for a fee - often considerably less than the cost of a hotel stay.

In a similar vein, users of Airpnp are matched with bars, restaurants, offices and homes where they can pay to use the loo, usually for a fee of five dollars (S$6.30) or less.

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