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Microsoft hopes Titanfall can boost Xbox One

Published on Mar 11, 2014 9:55 AM
Screenshot of Titanfall, a first-person shooter game for computer, Xbox 360 and One game consoles. -- FILE PHOTO: RESPAWN ENTERTAINMENT

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Tech titan Microsoft - which has struggled to keep pace with Sony and its PlayStation 4 - is pinning its hopes on a new action video game, ironically named Titanfall.

The highly anticipated game for the new generation Xbox One console lands this week in a major global release, with Microsoft is betting it will keep the company in the forefront of the battle for the living room and home entertainment.

"The challenge is finding the 'killer game'," says Mr Avi Greengart of research firm Current Analysis. "Titanfall appears to be the first must-have, first-person mutliplayer game that takes real advantage of the Xbox One's additional horsepower."

Technology analyst Rob Enderle at Enderle Group said the new game - featuring elite assault pilots and heavily-armoured, 6m titans - will be a critical test for Microsoft.

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