Monday, Feb 2, 2015Monday, Feb 2, 2015

Merck to pay $126m in NuvaRing contraceptive settlement

Published on Feb 8, 2014 12:01 AM

(REUTERS) - Merck & Co said on Friday it will pay US$100 million (S$126 million) to resolve all US product liability lawsuits alleging it downplayed serious health risks involving its NuvaRing intrauterine contraceptive device.

The product, which contains estrogen and progestin hormones commonly found in birth control bills, is associated with an increased risk of developing blood clots that can cause heart attacks, strokes or sudden deaths. Available to women in the United States since 2001, NuvaRing is one of several contraceptive products linked to this higher risk.

Merck, the second-biggest US drugmaker, denied any fault under the agreement, which must be accepted by 95 per cent of about 3,800 eligible patients involved in lawsuits pending in federal and state courts.

Under the settlement, Merck would pay a fraction of what at least one company has paid in a similar settlement.

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