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Jawbone earpiece makes it easier to love smartphones

Published on Jan 17, 2014 6:26 AM

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) - Jawbone on Thursday began making it easier to love Siri, Google Now or other virtual assistants in a hint at the future portrayed in the Oscar-nominated film Her. The San Francisco-based company behind sophisticated and stylish wireless ear pieces released a new Era model packing big technology in a diminutive form and enabling users to speak more naturally with software on their mobile devices.

"I hope they don't fall in love with their operating systems, but they will at least rekindle a relationship with voice commands," Jawbone audio product manager Gernard Feril said while providing the Agence France-Presse an early look at the new Era.

Mr Feril was making a playful reference to the Spike Jonze film Her starring Joaquin Phoenix, who plays a man who falls in love with a personal computer operating system.

Advanced Siri and Google Now software, which combine natural language exchanges with contextual awareness and even anticipating what users might want, have created a place for an Era ear piece with enhanced technology for speaking to smartphones as one would a person, according to Feril.

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