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Japan team develops micro-thin electric circuit

Published on Jul 25, 2013 12:50 PM
Japan's University of Tokyo professor Takao Someya displays the world's lightest and thinnest flexible integrated circuits and touch sensor system for stress-free wearable healthcare sensors at a press conference in Tokyo on July 24, 2013. -- PHOTO: AFP 

TOKYO (AFP) - A flexible electrical circuit one-fifth the thickness of food wrap and weighing less than a feather could improve the movement of artificial limbs by tapping into signals from the brain, its Japanese developers say.

The team at the University of Tokyo said the device, embedded in to an ultra-thin film, is unique since it works even after it has been crumpled into a ball or stretched.

Researchers unveiling the circuit said it could be used to monitor all sorts of physical data, such as body temperature and blood pressure as well as electronic pulses from muscles or the heart.

For people who can only move their tongue, the sheet might be placed on the roof of the mouth and serve as a touch pad to operate a communications device, team members said.

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