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iPhone 5 hands-on: Apple hits the sweet spot with new gadget

Published on Sep 19, 2012 9:00 AM

Everyone knows by now that the iPhone 5 is 18 per cent thinner and 20 per cent lighter than its predecessor, but you have to hold it to really feel the difference. The fine craftsmanship is evident from the beveled edge surrounding the iPhone 5 that Apple said was cut with diamonds for precision.

The iPhone 4/4S have a right-angle edge that is already pretty pleasing to the hand. But iPhone 5's beveled edge around the phone feels exceedingly smooth and the edge just seamlessly blends with the display and its aluminium back.

The review unit is the black and slate two-tone design. Having seen and touched both black and white iPhone 5 during the event, I think I will prefer stealthy demure of the black model.

Furthermore, I think the black model slate aluminium back is more resistant to scratches. After iPhone 5's close encounter with my bunch of keys, I wasn't able to see the scratch marks unless I hold the phone under close scrutiny. You can probably do without a case with iPhone 5, especially when it will be hiding its good looks.

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