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HTC One on sale in Singapore on March 9

Published on Mar 6, 2013 4:45 PM
The HTC One will be available in limited quantities from the three telcos at the IT Show on Saturday, Mar 9. -- PHOTO: HTC

The new HTC One smartphone, from Taiwanese handset maker HTC, will go on sale here this Saturday, on the third day of the annual IT Show.

All three telcos say HTC's new flagship Android phone will only be available at the event in Marina Bay Sand Convention Centre. Pricing for the device has not been revealed by the three telcos but The Straits Times understands that there will be limited quantities on sale.

Unveiled on February 19, the HTC One packs a full HD 4.7-inch display, quad-core 1.7GHz processor and a re-engineered 4MP rear camera. The company previously said that the phone will be available from mid-March.

The HTC One hits the market one week before Samsung is expected to announce its new Galaxy S IV flagship smartphone in New York on Mar 14.