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Higgs confident CERN particle is one he forecast in 1960s

Published on Nov 28, 2012 7:20 AM
A file photo taken on July 6, 2012 shows British scientist Professor Peter Higgs posing for pictures after addressing a press conference at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. -- PHOTO: AFP

BRUSSELS (REUTERS) - The physicists who theorised the existence of a basic subatomic particle half a century ago are confident recent data is proving they were right all along.

Professor Peter Higgs, whose eponymous "Higgs boson" is the long-sought target of the US$10 billion (S$12 billion) Large Hadron collider in Switzerland, told reporters on Tuesday he was sure a particle detected last July was one he had predicted in 1964.

"I think it will turn out to be (the Higgs boson), but it's just a question of getting out the additional information." Data so far from CERN's LHC particle accelerator seemed unlikely to reveal a more exotic set of particles, Prof Higgs said, and "fit too well" with a single particle that gives mass to matter envisaged by the Standard Model of physics.

"As far as I can see from the results now it's not yet totally confirmed, but it's practically sure - I'm ready to bet on it," Belgian physicist Francois Englert, who also theorised the particle, said before giving a speech to the European Parliament in Brussels.

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