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Cute athletes to watch out for at the Sochi Winter Olympics

Published on Jan 30, 2014 11:20 AM

Never mind the medals, where's the eye candy? 

Even if you're not a sports fan, keep an eye out for some of these cute faces at the upcoming Sochi Olympics.

1. Patrick Chan, 23, (Canada) figure skater

He came in fifth at the Vancouver 2010 games and is looking for a podium finish at Sochi.

2. Gracie Gold, 18

Her name could prove prophetic if she performs as well at Sochi as she did at the US Championships in Boston where she skated away with the gold medal. The cute perky blonde packaging doesn't hurt either.

3. Javier Fernandez, 22, (Spain) figure skating

The first Spaniard to score a medal (Bronze) at the world championships. He is an underdog contender at Sochi, but with his dark good looks, he's probably going to win over a contingent of new fans.

4. Sara Takanashi, 17 (Japan) ski jumper

This petite 1.5m athlete regularly records leaps of more than 90m in competition and is the hot favourite to win gold in the inaugural event this year.

5. Akiko Suzuki, 28 (Japan) figure skater

She may not get as much international press attention as fellow countryman Mao Asada, but she beat Asada to the gold medal position in the last national championship.

6. Shaun White, 27 (United States) snowboarder

The two-time Olympic gold medallist has finally got a hair cut and hey, he's actually not bad looking. He channels a bit of a Prince Harry, rugged vibe with his new do.

7. Dominique Maltais, 33 (Canada) snowboarder

There's definitely a more hip, laidback vibe to the sport of snowboarding, which perhaps explains the sunny attractiveness of its practitioners. But this Canadian athlete is a professional firefighter in her other life.

8 and 9. Tessa Virtue, 24, and Scott Moir, 26 (Canada) ice dancers

This duo have been ice dancing together since Virtue was seven and Moir, 9. And they've announced their intention to retire after Sochi. They've already got a gold from the Vancouver games, so anything they win at Sochi will be just icing on the cake.

10. Yan Han, 17 (China) figure skater

This young man is a rising star in China's skating ranks and those chiselled cheekbones and jawline practically guarantees a teenybopper fan base.

11. Felix Loch, 24 (Germany) luger

This Matthew Lillard-lookalike is the youngest Olympic champion in history, thanks to a gold medal at the Vancouver games for the Men's Singles.