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Unlicensed busker from China leaves Singapore

Published on Jan 24, 2013 12:05 PM

THE frequent tropical rain did not deter travelling busker Liu Mei Yuan from belting out erhu tunes on Orchard Road.

But it did affect his earnings - about $100 on rainy days, against $200 in clear weather.

The Chinese national's stay was, however, cut short last Thursday after it came to the attention of the authorities that he did not have approval to busk.

"I think another busker complained to the police, who then told me I need to get a licence to perform on the streets," the 23-year-old Sichuan native told The Straits Times before he left for home.

Chinese busker Liu Mei Yuan was performing in Orchard Road for about two weeks, when he was told by the police that he needed a licence to busk. -- ST PHOTO: GOH SHI TING

He had planned to stay here for a month, until early February.