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On trial: Cameras to clock car's average speed

Those who breach limits will find it harder to evade the new technology

Published on Mar 17, 2014 7:26 AM
These “average speed cameras” along Changi Coastal Road calculate a vehicle’s average speed over a stretch. -- ST PHOTO: CHRISTOPHER TAN

Habitual speedsters, watch out - new cameras that "know" your average travelling speed are up and running.

Unlike with the spot speed cameras in use here since 1992, motorists will have a much harder time evading the new technology, which calculates a vehicle's average speed over a stretch to determine if it is breaching the speed limit.

Police installed the first set of so-called "average speed cameras" as a trial at Changi Coastal Road last November, and they were switched on in January.

The cameras are mounted on two gantry-like structures about 4km apart and were spotted by The Straits Times, which understands they are capable of monitoring traffic in both directions.

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