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Too much gloom and doom among prostate cancer sufferers

Published on Nov 15, 2012 1:57 PM

There is too much "gloom and doom" among Singapore's ageing men after their prostate cancer diagnosis. Patients should help themselves by becoming bolder and better educated and informed, said the president of Society of Men's Health Singapore Dr Peter Lim on Thursday.

Men need to take control of their ageing health, he added.

The prospect of a reduced sex life from erectile dysfunction is one of the most stressful and embarrassing concerns that ageing men with prostate cancer face. Dr Lim noted that many find it difficult to talk about this problem. Also, younger patients were less able to accept their diagnosis while older ones were less motivated to receive treatment.

These were among the findings of a qualitative survey of six advanced stage prostate cancer patients aged between 66 and 85 years of age. The study was carried out to understand the journey of these men. Six caregivers and doctors were also interviewed. The findings were released by pharmaceutical company Janssen and the men's health society.

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