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Three more online vice ring members jailed

Published on Dec 14, 2012 1:51 PM

Two more right-hand men of an online vice ring syndicate leader were each jailed for 15 months on Friday for conspiracy to live on prostitution earnings and helping to manage a contact point for prostitutes.

Loh Nee Leong, 33, the chief runner and financial controller of the syndicate, pleaded guilty to five charges while Phua Chun Peng, 32, the chief operator, admitted to six counts.

Loh and Phua had, together with the syndicate's co-founder Wong Yeou Nan, 32, schemed with ringleader Koh Wee Siong, 33, to live on immoral earnings of Thai and Korean prostitutes last year.

Koh was given two years while Wong was jailed 17 months when they pleaded guilty last month.

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