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The 1st Life! podcast: 3 writers talk about their stories in Sunday's Life!

Published on Sep 15, 2012 6:00 AM
From left: ST journalists from Life! Melissa Sim, Boon Chan and Adeline Chia join fellow writer John Lui in a podcast on the stories they are writing for this weekend's Sunday Times -- ST PHOTO

Melissa Sim talks about how she found Singaporeans who have found fame and profit on putting up videos of themselves online. Her story will be on the cover of Life! this Sunday.

Next, Boon Chan says that Iceland has found a way to market itself as a tourist spot - by not marketing itself too much.

Adeline Chia, in her personal column, works out why she - and many others from Singapore - find it so hard to haggle, even when she is aware that she is being robbed.