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Teochew temple restored to its 1890s splendour

National monument in Phillip Street reopens after over 2 years of work

Published on Apr 1, 2014 8:28 AM

FOR more than two years, a team of artisans from China stared at 200 faceless figurines.

Their challenge - to restore the Yueh Hai Ching temple's eroded decorative clay and ceramic pieces to their original form.

This meant recreating the figurines by hand and painting on the faces of familiar characters from Chinese folklore such as Justice Bao, the Eight Immortals and Guan Yu.

Painter Lim Mukun, 63, who worked on 16 murals on the temple's facade, said the work was laborious.

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Background story


I had to follow traditional techniques to restore the original. It would have been easier to produce something new.

- Painter Lim Mukun, who worked on 16 murals on the temple's facade