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Piranhas at River Safari exhibit placed under maximum security

Published on May 25, 2013 9:31 AM

Their tanks are padlocked, they are microchipped and, should they breed, their eggs are destroyed.

These are the living conditions of the most highly guarded creatures at the River Safari - the red-bellied piranhas.

The security measures are befitting of their fearsome image, thanks to their portrayal as ferocious man-eaters in movies like Piranhas 3D.

But River Safari's curator Wah Yap Hon would have you know that there is little truth in that.

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Background story

Staying sharp 

  • According to the Fisheries Act, piranhas are not allowed to be kept or bred in Singapore.
  • Approval was given to the park only after a two-year period and many meetings with the authorities.
  • Only male piranhas are allowed to be brought in but the park is not taking any chances. The water in the tank is filtered daily for piranha eggs. Any eggs found will be destroyed.
  • Every day, the fish are counted to see if the numbers tally.