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Spain 'stolen baby' finds mother 50 years on: police

Published on Jan 20, 2013 12:41 AM

MADRID - A Spanish woman was reunited with her mother nearly 50 years after being abducted as a newborn, one of numerous alleged cases of "stolen babies" from the Franco era, police said Saturday.

Francisco Franco's regime allowed children to be taken away at birth if the parents were left-wing opponents or not married. Victims' groups say the practice continued after his death in 1975.

In the latest such case to be resolved, a woman in the eastern city of Valencia who suspected she was a stolen baby lodged a judicial request to find her mother, national police said in a statement.

Examining hospital records, police identified a woman whom DNA tests revealed to be the biological mother. She had been told by the hospital where she gave birth in 1964 that her baby had died.

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