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Singaporean still in running for project to colonise Mars in 2024

Published on Mar 2, 2014 8:11 AM
Mr Robinson Law has his sights set on Mars: "I can leave everything behind. I love my children very much, but I think they will support me as I take on this risky job." -- ST PHOTO: DESMOND LUI

Electrical engineer Robinson Law, who currently resides in Sembawang, is hoping to move to a new address - Mars.

The 54-year-old is the only Singaporean left in the running for, as unlikely as it sounds, a multibillion-dollar project to colonise the red planet.

He is among 1,058 people, whittled down from more than 200,000 volunteers by Dutch non-profit foundation Mars One, to remain in the hunt for a seat on a one-way space voyage scheduled for 2024.

The unusual venture, led by a pair of Dutchmen - wind energy entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp and European Space Agency researcher Arno Wielders - aims to be the first to not just land humans on the fourth planet from the Sun, but to set up a permanent colony there.

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