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Signs of hoarding in Pending Road flat gutted by fire

Family returns to Pending Road flat; they had collected scrap materials for extra income

Published on Dec 8, 2013 8:06 AM

The family of four whose flat in Pending Road was gutted by a fire last Tuesday morning may have returned home, but they could barely recognise it.

When The Sunday Times visited the four-room flat yesterday, the living room was a dreary sight. The walls, once painted light blue, were charred to the point of peeling, and the tiled floor was coated with grey soot. Heat from the blaze had melted the electrical wiring on the walls and caused the window's metal frame to bend out of shape.

Huge plastic bags of clothes and food were strewn all over the floor. The clutter was also seen in the other rooms and kitchen, with cardboard boxes, metal tins, bookshelves, mattresses and television sets forming many a motley pile.

These were the telltale signs of hoarding - and a stark reminder of the fire hazard that the habit can pose to dwellers. For about eight years, the family would collect scrap materials and sell them to recycling companies for extra income.

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