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SIA spends $100m to revamp lounges worldwide

Published on Dec 17, 2013 10:59 AM

Singapore Airlines (SIA) will spend $100million - five times more than the $20 million it originally wanted to spend - to revamp its airport lounges around the world in a bid to maintain its edge in an increasingly competitive field.

The announcement on Tuesday came after SIA unveiled its new-look lounge in Sydney, the first of 15 lounges to be refreshed over the next five years.

Plans are now underway to roll out the new "home away from home" lounge concept in London, Hong Kong and Singapore (Terminal 3) next year, said SIA in a statement. The new look, developed by local firm Ong & Ong, is aimed at making premium passengers feel at home with fittings that replicate the living and dining room, as well as, the kitchen.

The lounge boasts more personal work spaces inside the workstation pod seats and new SIA-only high-back armchairs. Passengers will also be able to get a taste of home with the lounges serving local dishes like laksa and mee siam, while enjoying personalised service.

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