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Sheng Siong kidnap suspect assists police in investigations at Sembawang Park

Published on Jan 20, 2014 6:45 PM

Police on Monday afternoon took one of the two Sheng Siong kidnap suspects back to one of the scenes of crime - Sembawang Park.

Lee Sze Yong, 41, arrived in a silver van at about 4.45pm, escorted by about six officers from the police's Criminal Investigation Department. He spent about half-an-hour pointing out various specific locations related to the crime, such as the tree behind a pavilion in the park, where he and fellow suspect Heng Chen Boon, 50, had allegedly asked for the ransom money to be dropped off. All this while, the police accompanying him marked out the locations and took photographs of them.

He was also taken to nearby Jalan Selimang to identify other locations related to the crime. Dressed in a red polo shirt and navy three-quarter pants, Lee appeared sullen, and at one point broke out in tears.

This kidnap case is Singapore's first in about a decade. On Jan 8, the 79-year-old mother of Sheng Siong chief executive Lim Hock Chee was abducted after a morning trip to a market in Hougang. She was released about 15 hours later after the $2 million ransom was dropped off at Sembawang Park as requested by the kidnappers. Both suspects are currently in remand and have been charged under the Kidnapping Act. If convicted, they face the death penalty or life imprisonment with caning.