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Raisin muffins here safe to eat, says BreadTalk

Published on Dec 31, 2013 8:31 AM
BreadTalk's raisin muffin in Hong Kong contained an elevated amount of aluminium, reported Apple Daily. -- PHOTO: BREADTALK

Raisin muffins sold here by home-grown chain BreadTalk are safe to eat, it said yesterday, following media reports in Hong Kong that elevated levels of aluminium had been found in the baked treat.

BreadTalk said the aluminium in the Hong Kong muffins came from an employee accidentally adding too much baking powder, which can contain the metal. "It is an isolated incident due to staff inadvertence where a higher-than-stipulated amount of baking powder was used in the production," it said in a statement. "This... resulted in the high level of aluminium content found in the said raisin muffin."

Apple Daily reported on Sunday that it had found 27mg of aluminium in the BreadTalk muffin after sending bread samples from five bakeries to the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre.

BreadTalk said it had the muffins in Singapore tested by an independent laboratory and results showed they were safe for consumption. The lab found 0.0688mg of aluminium in the muffin mix used to bake them.

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