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Praise child for his efforts, not grades

In the last of a series on preparing pupils for the new school term, which starts tomorrow, The Straits Times looks at how parents can motivate their children.

Published on Jan 1, 2014 8:56 AM
According to Sydney University Professor Andrew Martin, a leading expert on child motivation, motivation levels are changeable but parents can always do something about it – if the issue is dealt with, the child will respond over time. However, he said a good parent-child relationship is also important. -- ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG

Much research has been done in the area of child motivation.

A leading expert on child motivation, Sydney University Professor Andrew Martin, points out: Motivation is multifaceted.

According to him, there are many aspects to it, from whether a child enjoys learning to how the child handles failure.

And the majority of children, even those seen to be lacking in motivation, do well in some ways and not in others.

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Background story

Children who have positive self-belief tend to get better results, do difficult schoolwork confidently, feel optimistic, try hard and enjoy school.