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NUH switching to disposable bedpans for all patients

New system is more convenient and hygienic, and will save nurses' time

Published on Jan 20, 2014 7:40 AM

The "sharing" of bedpans, portable urinals and vomit bowls among National University Hospital (NUH) patients will soon be scrapped for a more hygienic system.

Earlier this month, the hospital started replacing such items with disposable versions, which can be easily shredded and flushed away after a single use.

By March, all 38 wards and seven other sections, including the emergency department and operating theatres, will be fully converted to the disposable system. This means no more bad smells and higher hygiene standards for patients, said Mrs Lee Siu Yin, NUH's director of nursing.

The move, a first for a Singapore hospital, follows a successful 2012 trial by NUH in which patients used containers made of wood pulp. These were then thrown into a machine, called the macerator, to be flushed away like toilet paper.

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