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Netizens soften views on hearing she is Australian

Published on Oct 11, 2012 6:00 AM

Online sentiment towards Ms Amy Cheong appears to have shifted since it was revealed that she is not Singaporean. Some netizens have softened their views of her, saying that she might not have understood the customs here.

While they blasted her on Monday and Tuesday for being intolerant and insensitive towards Malays, they said on Wednesday that she should be cut some slack as she is Australian.

As one netizen remarked on a forum: "My views towards Amy Cheong changed after I realised she was not Singaporean... I am not that harsh now towards her." However, the revelation that she is Australian also brought forth anti-foreigner sentiments.

Some netizens latched on this to express resentment over the rising number of foreigners here, while others questioned whether they have managed to integrate sufficiently.

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'These are primarily individuals who witness a grave injustice and want to correct the real or perceived wrong. Sometimes they may perceive that the authorities will not, or will be slow to, take action, hence (they) might take matters into their own hands.'

- Research fellow Damien Cheong, on netizens who unearth and publicise personal details of other netizens