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Motorists say errant cyclists also to blame for bad road behaviour

Cyclists agree many among them do not follow traffic rules

Published on Aug 23, 2012 6:00 AM

We are not the only ones guilty of bad behaviour, say motorists. This resounding message was repeated in numerous e-mails received by The Straits Times after the death of cyclist Freddy Khoo last Saturday.

The Straits Times and its citizen journalism portal Stomp received more than 50 e-mails - some with videos and photos attached - from motorists highlighting acts by errant cyclists.

A video sent to Stomp on Tuesday showed a cyclist beating a red light in Tampines and narrowly missing a taxi before colliding with a motorcycle.

Other videos and photos showed cyclists hogging the middle lane of the road, riding against the flow of traffic or cycling three abreast - all in violation of traffic rules. Forums such as hardwarezone.com.sg are abuzz with stories and photographs from frustrated motorists.

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Background story

Rules guiding bicycles under the Road Traffic Act

  • It is illegal for riders to carry a pillion passenger unless the bicycle provides a designated seat for one.
  • Riders must give signals. If they want to proceed to the right, for instance, they should hold out their right arm horizontally, with the palm of the hand facing the front.
  • Only up to two cyclists are allowed to ride abreast at any time.
  • If three or more cyclists are riding in a group, they must ride in pairs or in a single file.
  • Every bicycle should be ridden close to the left-hand edge of the roadway in a manner that does not obstruct vehicles moving at a faster speed.
  • Bicycles should have a white light attached to the front and a red light or red reflector attached to the rear during hours of darkness.
  • A cyclist is not allowed to ride on the right side of another vehicle (which is not a bicycle), unless the cyclist is attempting to overtake the vehicle.