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Killer litter menace continues at Eunos block

Resident lists items thrown from her block, one of which injured a man

Published on Dec 16, 2013 7:40 AM
A man was hit on the arm by a brick that was thrown down from a block at Eunos Crescent last Friday. The police were called in. -- PHOTO: TAN HAI LI

Beer bottles, flower pots, scissors and even a bicycle.

These are the items that Ms Tan Hai Li, a resident of Block 1 Eunos Crescent, said have been thrown from her block since she moved there less than two years ago.

Last Friday, a brick hurled from the block hit a man on his arm and the police were called in, said the 28-year-old housewife.

Police confirmed that they received a call for assistance at 1.39pm last Friday at the block, and said an injured man was taken to Changi General Hospital.

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This is getting ridiculous. What if children are playing downstairs and they get hit? Now, before I walk on the pavement, I will look out for falling items first.

- Ms Tan Hai Li, 28