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Ex-security guard jailed 8 weeks for offences

Published on Nov 7, 2012 3:48 PM

A man who cut the brake hose of a colleague's motorcycle and committed traffic offences was jailed for eight weeks, fined $1,000 and banned from driving for three years on Wednesday.

Ayathan Kuninankandy Sunil Kumar, 40, was a security guard with Nassim Park Residence in Nassim Road when he damaged the brake hose of Mr Gabriel Baldwin's motorcycle on April 8. The damage cost $70 to repair.

The court heard that he committed the offence to "teach'' the 35-year-old a lesson because of a previous argument they had. His act was captured on closed-circuit television.

Ayathan also admitted to riding along Lornie Road on July 17 when he had been banned from driving all vehicles for one year from Jan 18. He also pleaded guilty to giving false information to the Traffic Police by submitting his elder brother's particulars as the rider of the motorcycle at the time of of the speeding offence.