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Dorms in Singapore 'surpass global standards'

Requirements more stringent than those set by World Bank: Operator

Published on Mar 20, 2014 7:32 AM
Mr Willy Ng, who operates a dorm in Kaki Bukit and in Dubai, said standards that took effect last June for new dorm tenders are signs of how norms have been raised by the Government over the years.

Singapore's purpose-built dormitories surpass international standards in all areas - from amenities to living space - and have always been a step ahead of those in other countries, a dorm operator told a public hearing into the Dec 8 riot in Little India yesterday.

From mandatory free Wi-Fi Internet to air-conditioned television rooms and gyms, standards that took effect in June last year for new dorm tenders are signs of how the Government has raised norms over the years, said Mr Willy Ng, who operates a 3,000-bed dorm in Kaki Bukit as well as one in Dubai.

The standards required of dorm operators here surpass those set by the World Bank for operators who want to secure a loan to build a dorm in a developing country, he added.

But he also agreed there was a severe shortage of dorm beds, which number about 200,000, for the 770,000 work permit holders living in Singapore.

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