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Director of construction company jailed for road rage

Published on Dec 20, 2013 11:27 AM

A director of a construction company, who pushed and punched a delivery driver in a road rage incident, was sentenced to jail for a week on Friday. Dong Shuqiang, 49, admitted to causing hurt to Mr Ong Beng Aik, 40, at Alexandra Road in front of Delta House on Aug 25 last year.

A court heard that Dong was driving a Toyota car on the leftmost lane of Alexandra Road that evening when Mr Ong, who was on the second leftmost lane, wanted to cut in after signalling.

Dong, who was concerned that Mr Ong's car was too close, sounded his horn and the victim filtered back to his lane so that Dong could pass. The victim gestured in an apologetic manner. Dong refused to give way to him and accelerated to prevent the victim from filtering into the leftmost lane.

When the vehicles came to a stop at the traffic light in front of Delta House, Dong got out of his car and confronted the victim, who had also alighted. Before the victim could say anything, Dong pushed him and gave him a punch on the left cheek.

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