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Dead bull shark found in Sembawang Shipyard

It had swum in there and died after water was pumped out

Published on Oct 15, 2012 6:00 AM
An unidentified worker with the dead bull shark. One of them had initially claimed that he had found and killed the shark at the shipyard. -- PHOTO: STOMP

Workers at Sembawang Shipyard were surprised to see a dead juvenile bull shark, about a metre long, when they pumped a dock dry before dawn this month.

They snapped photos and sent them to citizen journalism site Stomp. Mr Arjun Nair, a 19-year-old technician at the shipyard, told The Straits Times his friend initially claimed he had found and killed the shark at the shipyard, and that workers later cut it up and took portions home for food.

But a spokesman for Sembawang Shipyard clarified that the shark had swum into the dock - when a ship was berthed there - and was trapped when the water was pumped out, at around 3am on Oct 3.

"When the dock was pumped dry, our workers did not know that it was a shark and thought it was only a big fish," she said. Fish are sometimes trapped in the dry dock.

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