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Chinese, Malay and Tamil 'blogospheres' here small, more apolitical than English ones: IPS

Published on Apr 2, 2014 2:50 PM

Small but active Chinese, Malay and Tamil "blogospheres" exist in Singapore, but are significantly less contentious when it comes to local politics compared to the world of English blogs here.

These were the findings of the first ever study on mother-tongue blogs in Singapore, released by local thinktank the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) on Wednesday.

Researchers found about 200 blogs started by Singaporeans, Singaporean residents or Singapore-related issues, where more than half the content was in Chinese. They found 30 blogs in Malay and 20 in Tamil of the same nature. In comparison, there were already about 700 blogs in English, concerning Singapore issues, about five years ago, said IPS research fellow Carol Soon. who specialises in arts, culture and media.

Of the 201 blogs in Chinese, only about 10 could be considered political blogs where commentators wrote about politics and policy issues, said Dr Soon.

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