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Body of Indian gang-rape victim to be flown back to Delhi this afternoon; will be cremated

Published on Dec 29, 2012 10:59 AM

The body of the Indian student who died from injuries from a gang rape will be flown back to New Delhi from Singapore this afternoon between 3 and 4 pm.

The woman, who was Hindu, will be cremated, said the Indian High Commissioner to Singapore at a press conference at the embassy in Grange Road.

Her parents and two younger brothers will travel back with the body in the chartered flight.

Dr T.C.A Raghavan, who did not reveal the student's name, said she had suffered a lot of injuries.

The woman died at 4.45am on Saturday at the Mt Elizabeth Hospital where she had been flown in for treatment on Thursday.

Dr Raghavan and other embassy staff were with her family by her side when she died.

Earlier in the morning at the hospital after her death, reporters asked him about criticisms in India that she should not have been moved to another country till her condition was more stable.

He said then: "The effort was to give the best possible medical attention and medical treatment and our role in the High Commission was to facilitate that particular medical decision which was that she would get very good treatment in Mount Elizabeth Hospital."

He said that the doctors in Singapore tried their very best. "The team of doctors which had accompanied her from India had fully briefed the doctors here about the injuries suffered, treatment she had undergone, so I would say she received the best possible medical attention in both countries," he said.