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Armed man in stand-off with police at Chai Chee flat detained after 5 hours

Published on Aug 23, 2013 7:18 PM

A man involved in a long stand-off with the police in Chai Chee on Friday was detained after almost five hours.

The tense situation came to an end at about 3.30pm, when the man - who was barefoot, shirtless and wearing jeans - was subdued and taken away by police officers in full riot gear.

It is uncertain how the incident began or who alerted the authorities, but The Straits Times understands the man was wielding a knife in his HDB flat. A Singapore Civil Defence Force spokesman said they arrived at the scene at about 10.30am and proceeded to set up a rescue net and a Life Pack - a large air cushion designed to break the fall of a person when he lands - at the foot of Block 39, Chai Chee Avenue.

The man is said to be in his 40s, is currently unemployed and lives alone. His neighbour, Madam Molly Gan, 48, followed right behind him as he was led away by the police. She said she last saw him on Thursday night and he had appeared calm.