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Thailand Constitutional Court voids Feb election

Published on Mar 21, 2014 1:35 PM

BANGKOK (AFP/REUTERS) - Thailand's Constitutional Court ruled on Friday that a general election held last month was invalid, a spokesman said, deepening a political stalemate following weeks of opposition protests.

The court said the vote did not take place on the same day across the country and that violated a clause in the Constitution. It was unclear when a new vote would be held.

The Feb 2 polls, called by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra in an unsuccessful attempt to ease a months-old political crisis, have not yet been completed because of disruption by demonstrators. Polling was disrupted by protesters in around a fifth of constituencies, leaving the House of Representatives without a quorum to convene and select a new prime minister.

A spokesman for Ms Yingluck's Puea Thai Party described the outcome as “regrettable", and said the annulment of the vote would “set a bad precedent”.

A Thai voter casts his vote into the ballot box at the Taa Ta Kho village polling station as part of a re-run of general elections in Taa Ta Kho village in Petchaburi province, south of Bangkok on March 2, 2014. -- FILE PHOTO: AFP 
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