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Philippine mayor provokes outrage with 'walk of shame'

Published on Mar 5, 2014 1:16 PM

MANILA (AFP) - A Philippine mayor who forced a man to walk in public with a sign saying he stole fish was denounced by the government's rights body on Wednesday amid online outrage.

In a clip shown by local ABS-CBN television and uploaded on the video sharing site YouTube, the unidentified man had his hands bound behind his back with a bag of dried fish hanging from the knot, and a poster stating "I am a thief" taped to his shirt front.

A group of men identified by the network as local government security personnel laughed and taunted the bound man, forcing him to kneel in front of a fishmonger to ask for her forgiveness.

"There is a clear, gross violation of human rights here," Commission on Human Rights chief Loretta Ann Rosales told AFP.

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