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Philippine dictator staged military drag show: WikiLeaks

Published on Apr 9, 2013 4:24 PM

MANILA (AFP) - Then-Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos forced his military chiefs to parade as women during a tasteless, sycophantic birthday party planned by his unstable wife, according to US diplomatic cables.

The US ambassador to the Philippines in the mid-1970s, William Sullivan, wrote a series of blistering criticisms of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos in secret cables that have since been declassified and published by WikiLeaks.

In one of the reports, dated Sept 12, 1973, Mr Sullivan recounted a "two-day blast" of a party for Ferdinand Marcos that he said was at odds with state-controlled media reports that he "spent a quiet birthday at his desk".

"In general, every aspect of the occasion was too much, too long, and in questionable taste," Mr Sullivan wrote in the report to Washington.

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