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Objects sighted in MH370 search ‘best lead we have’: Australian authorities

Published on Mar 20, 2014 12:49 PM
A Royal Australian Air Force pilot flying his AP-3C Orion over the Southern Indian Ocean during the search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 on March 19, 2014. -- PHOTO: AFP/AUSTRALIAN DEFENC

CANBERRA (AFP) - The objects sighted by satellite in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 form “probably the best lead we have", Australian officials said on Thursday.

“This is a lead, it is probably the best lead we have right now. But we need to get there, find them, see them, assess them, to know whether it’s really meaningful or not,” Australian Maritime Safety Authority official John Young said.

The largest object sighted in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is 24m, with a second, smaller object also spotted, the Australian authorities said on Thursday.

“The objects are relatively indistinct. The indication to me is of objects that are of a reasonable size and probably awash with water and bobbing up and down over the surface,” said Mr Young.

“The largest... was assessed as being 24 metres. There is another one that is smaller than that.”


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