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Malaysia GE13: Wa, he's such a 'leng chai'!

Published on Apr 22, 2013 10:01 AM

KAMPAR (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - On his first day hitting the campaign trail, the affable Daniel Wa has already proven to be quite a hit among the locals especially the women.

Armed with an easy smile, Mr Wa, 25, the youngest Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate, went on a walkabout at a market and food court here.

He is one the contenders for the Keranji state seat in Perak.

Mr Wa, who is from the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), mingled with the residents who were having their Sunday breakfast while some women were overheard remarking about his youth.

Housewife Fan Xian Ying called out to him: "Leng chai! (handsome boy in Cantonese)" and shook his hand.

"It is good to see a young man like him being in politics.

"His parents are blessed to have raised such a bright boy," said Mdm Fan, 66, who has lived in Kampar for 40 years.

Mdm Fan said she hoped he would address the rising cost of food and other items.

Mr Wa, an economics graduate, is among the 40 per cent of candidates who are new faces being trotted out by BN as it seeks to convince voters that it has a slate of young and vibrant candidates to challenge Pakatan Rakyat's (PR) young stars.

Describing him as "youthful and good looking", hawker Liew Kim Fong said Mr Wa came across as a friendly and helpful person.

"He has no airs about him and seems like a very polite person. I have faith in him despite his young age," she said.

Lorry driver Thong Kam Ching, 60, said it was best to let a young person lead the Keranji constituency and deal with the local problems.

"I transport fish in my lorry. If he wins, I hope he will ensure the roads are not so bumpy," said the father of four.

During his walkabout, Mr Wa bumped into his opponent, Democratic Action Party (DAP) candidate Chen Fook Chye.

"My manifesto is to improve the local infrastructure, economy and promote the tourism here," Mr Wa said.

Mr Wa was Kampar MCA chairman Datuk Lee Chee Leong's special officer for the past three years.

Mr Wa's father Wa Soon Ki, 51, said he had no problem with his son getting involved in politics.

"My son has always been a helpful person even as a small boy.

"In primary school, one of his friends jokingly told him that he would vote for him," said the senior Mr Wa, a hawker from Bentong.

His wife Yong Kuei Ching, 48, said Mr Wa, the second of their three children, was naturally independent and would help them sell drinks and food at their shop.

"Until today, he would help us wash the cups when he comes to visit.

"He has a passion to help people and I hope the public will support him," she said.