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Malaysia GE13: Big plans will vanish if BN loses Johor, says Najib

Published on Apr 29, 2013 3:04 PM

JOHOR BARU - Prime Minister Najib Razak has warned that the "Johor way", together with the "big plans" of the incumbent state government, will "disappear" if the opposition Pakatan Rakyat takes power in the state.

He made the remark on Monday morning when replying to a question about the "Johor way", a term frequently used by state Barisan Nasional leaders to garner electoral support.

Mr Najib said it refers to the inclusive policy adopted during the 18-year tenure of incumbent Menteri Besar Abdul Ghani Othman, Malaysiakini reported.

"The Johor way has been a very moderate and accommodating way. This is the birthplace of Umno but it is an Umno that takes care of all communities ... For example the Chinese schools getting a lot of help, NGOs getting a lot of help (from the government)," Mr Najib said.

"With this kind of style of leadership and policy embarked by BN in Johor, it has led to a long period of peace and harmony and political stability."

He was speaking at a press conference after attending a rally with BN supporters in Pekan Nenas.

Mr Najib then appealed to Johoreans to factor in the "Johor way" when casting their ballots.

"If that goes away, then whatever we have planned, big plans, big dreams for Johor would simply disappear, and that would be a sad day for Johor and for the people of Johor."