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Wendi Deng gushes about Tony Blair’s body, legs, eyes and “Butt” in leaked note about alleged affair

Published on Feb 6, 2014 5:03 PM
Ms Wendi Deng (left) wrote notes praising former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's (right) body. -- PHOTOS: ST FILE PHOTO/ REUTERS

London – Tony has “such good body”, “really really good legs”, “Butt” and “Pierce blue eyes which I love”, a woman rhapsodies in broken English in a note to herself. “Also I love his power on the stage... and what else and what else and what else...”

Eric is “really ugly” and she is not “sad about losing” him, she writes in another note.

Both notes were allegedly written by Ms Wendi Deng, former wife of newspaper tycoon Rupert Murdoch, says Vanity Fair magazine, which published them in a report on her alleged affairs with former British prime minister Tony Blair and Google boss Eric Schmidt.

Ms Deng, 45, and Mr Murdoch, 82, announced a surprise divorce last year, ending their 14-year marriage. Although there was talk of an affair with Mr Blair, 60 – “People Are Googling ‘Wendi Deng Tony Blair’”, as Gawker website put it in a headline in June last year – there was little evidence of it.

In its March issue, Vanity Fair said Mr Murdoch had long heard rumours of Ms Deng’s infidelity but was “taken aback” when he heard reports of her “too familiar” relationship with Mr Blair, godfather to Grace, the couple’s 12-year-old daughter. The couple’s other daughter, Chloe, is 10.

Staff began to keep watch on Ms Deng but were reluctant to voice their suspicions until Mr Murdoch asked them last summer to tell him the truth, said the magazine, quoting a former employee of his News Corp. According to a former Murdoch household staff member, Mr Blair was “reluctant at first” to meet Ms Deng on her own.

The source told the magazine of a day the former prime minister arrived at the couple’s 404ha estate in Carmel, California.

Mr Murdoch was away and his wife was “sort of being very flirtatious” towards Mr Blair. When Mr Blair asked staff when Mr Murdoch was arriving and was told “tomorrow night”, Mr Blair “rolled his eyes and gave a panicked look”, the source said.

In October 2012, Ms Deng told her husband she was having a girls’ weekend at the ranch when he and his family were at the home of his dying mother Elisabeth, 103.

However, self-help author Kathy Freston was the only friend who joined Ms Deng and she left early. Ms Deng’s “cover was sort of blown” when her friend was spotted at a separate event that weekend by her husband’s friends, said the former News Corp employee.

Mr Blair allegedly went to the ranch that Sunday and Ms Deng left on Monday, said the source. “What’s interesting is that her husband had been trying to reach Tony on a different subject and ended up speaking to him the next week by phone. But he didn't mention that he has seen Wendi, as you can imagine. Around this time, Blair was actively and successfully soliciting funds for his foundation from her husband,” added the source.

The Daily Mail, which published the revelations by Vanity Fair, said it had no evidence of the affair. But it quoted sources close to Mr Murdoch as saying he had not spoken to Mr Blair, who was once a close friend and ally, for months.

Vanity Fair said Ms Deng allegedly had affairs with prominent men, including Mr Schmidt, 58, and wrote an unflattering note about him and his girlfriend, former Good Morning America producer Lisa Shields, 47.

Ms Deng’s alleged note on Mr Schmidt read: “Lisa will never have my style, grace... I achieved my purpose of Eric saw me looking so gorgeous and so fantastic and so young, so cool, so chic, so stylish, so funny and he cannot have me.”

Other alleged meetings between Ms Deng and Mr Blair took place at the Carlyle Hotel in New York, on a private yacht and in
Mr Murdoch’s home in London, where Mr Blair was seen "coming and going at odd times”, said Vanity Fair.

The magazine said the alleged lovers met again at the ranch on April 27 last year. Ms Deng had said she was spending the weekend alone but Mr Blair arrived by private jet with bodyguards. Staff saw him walking into her room and closing the door behind him. They also saw the pair feeding each other during dinner.

The following day, the alleged lovers flew together to Los Angeles for a dinner hosted by Mr Murdoch in aid of Mr Blair’s foundation.

“That, for Murdoch, was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” said the source.