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Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln says the best weapon to fight zombies with is...

Published on Jan 13, 2014 4:51 PM

Should there be a real zombie apocalypse, what weapon would actor Andrew Lincoln use to fend off the undead?

"Durian," said The Walking Dead star to much laughter at a press conference with local reporters at the Fairmont Singapore on Monday afternoon.

Sitting beside him was his TV series co-star, actor Norman Reedus, who piped up: "That would make a great weapon. It's interesting because you look at it and you think 'fruit', but you open it and it tastes nothing like fruit."

Lincoln, 40, then added: "Or maybe we can use it actually as food, as bait for the zombies." The two stars, who battle zombies in the hit TV drama The Walking Dead, were in town to promote the show and said that they sampled durian at a roadside stall on Jan 12.

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