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Try your hand at Wheel Of Fortune puzzles contestants have solved with just one letter

Published on Mar 22, 2014 1:45 PM
A television still from the American game show Wheel Of Fortune. -- SGREENGRAB: YOUTUBE

Wheel Of Fortune contestant Emil has been making headlines because he solved a puzzle on Wednesday with just two letters on the board, and won US$45,000 in the bargain.

But there are other contestants who have done better by solving puzzles with just one letter on the board.

See if you can solve these head-scratchers.

1. Caitlin Burke, an editor with Hearst magazine, solved her puzzle with just one letter, 'L' on the board. She made headlines in 2010 with this feat.

2. Contestant Kristen solves a speed-up puzzle on Jan 24, 2012

3. Another one letter solution by contestant Shannon in 2012, although it's made slightly easier by the clue, On The Map.

4. Technically it's two letters but it's the same letter, "T", and host Pat Sajak says "I dare ya to solve it". And contestant Michele does, to her own surprise.