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Trouble With The Curve: A lazy Clint Eastwood vehicle

Published on Oct 24, 2012 4:36 PM
A still from the movie Trouble With The Curve starring Clint Eastwood (pictured), Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake. -- PHOTO: WARNER BROS

Why does Eastwood do it? At age 82 and with an illustrious career as an actor and director behind him, why does he feel the need to take part in by-the-numbers snoozefests like this one?

In Trouble With The Curve, he plays a baseball scout Gus Lobel whose body keeps letting him down. Gus' daughter Mickey (played by Amy Adams), a lawyer, is tasked to keep an eye on him while he is on a work trip, much to his annoyance, and her discomfort.

It seems as if Eastwood knows that with this movie, he further cements his typecasting as the get-off-my-lawn elderly crank, because he performs the growls and grimaces with an unabashed glee.

Here is a man who lives to spite everything around him, his own furniture and failing body parts included. Gus snarls so often here, in fact, that it is almost as if Eastwood were fulfilling a snarl-a-minute contractual obligation.

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