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Toy sailors battle the seas of Central Park

Published on Aug 20, 2012 10:51 AM

NEW YORK (AFP) - Sniffing the wind, the hardened racing sailors eye their rivals. That the water's waist deep and the boats are toys does nothing to lower the intensity at this century-old sailing club in New York's Central Park.

The CPMYC - that's the Central Park Model Yacht Club - makes a big thing from miniature voyages.

Every Saturday for as long as anyone can remember members have shown up at the Conservatory Water to pit their wits against each other in the baffling winds swirling through the park's trees.

"This is a very pure form of sailing," said Mr Jon Elmaleh, a wiry 52-year-old, who with his chin stubble, mountaineer-style sunglasses and polo shirt, looked as if he might already be halfway across the Atlantic.

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