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Toad Suck tops the list for oddball US town names

Published on Aug 10, 2012 6:16 AM

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Toad Suck, Arkansas has pipped Climax, Georgia and not one but two Borings for the dubious honour of "most embarrassing or unfortunate" town name in the United States., a family history website, said it asked 1,754 of its users in seven English-speaking countries to pick their favorites from a short list of American communities with oddball names.

Toad Suck's name harks back to 19th century Arkansas River steamboat crews who, according to a local website, would drop in on the local tavern and "suck" on liquor until they swelled like toads.

Its biggest claim to fame today is a popular spring festival, Toad Suck Dazes, that raises money for scholarships.

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