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Restaurant Review

Tim Ho Wan not worth 2 hours in queue

There is good dim sum at Tim Ho Wan, but nothing you should stand in line such a long time for

Published on May 5, 2013 11:17 AM

At a meeting last Monday, a colleague mentioned how she queued at the wrong nasi lemak stall in the newly reopened Changi Village hawker centre.

Her favourite stall, which used to have long queues, had moved to another spot after the renovation, and another nasi lemak stall had taken its place. But confused diners continued to queue at the old location while the once-popular stall was deserted.

My colleague discovered her mistake only much later, when someone told her of the switch.

The funny thing is, she did not notice anything amiss while she was eating her nasi lemak. Which makes one wonder if people join a queue just because it is there or because they hear the food is good and if, in the end, the actual quality matters.

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