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The $25,000 pet lion that lives on a Kabul rooftop

Published on Jun 8, 2013 1:01 PM

KABUL (AFP) - For Kabul's wealthy elite some things are de rigueur: armed guards, a marble-clad mansion, a blacked-out SUV. But one man has taken the flamboyant lifestyle a step further and bought a lion.

Mr Mohammad Shafiq, a 42-year-old businessman, is very proud of his growling pet, which spends its days prowling a roof terrace at his sprawling home in a posh residential area of central Kabul.

"A friend said he had a lion in Kandahar and wanted to sell it to me," Mr Shafiq, who runs a construction company, told AFP. "He knew I loved dogs and birds, but this was more than what I was expecting.

"I had seen lions on television and in the zoo, but never this close. So without any hesitation, I said I will buy it. To me, lions are brave and I respect them. Knowing I could buy one was very exciting."

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