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Superfly Parkour Showdown 2013 won by Filipino student, 24

Published on Dec 8, 2013 9:27 PM

The Superfly Parkour Showdown 2013 which took place at the Suntec Convention Hall on Sunday was a masterful display of acrobatics, speed and daring.

Organised by parkour school Superfly Monkey Dragons, the competition was won by Jowenson Ian Sy, 24.

The Philippines native is in Singapore studying sports coaching at the International Sports Academy, and says of his winning routine: "I didn't prepare so much, I was just here to play around with friends. I'm used to the jumping, and looking at it, I know what I can do."

He beat 22 other parkour practitioners, also called traceurs, in the competition, which was part of the License 2 Play gaming and lifestyle convention.

His prize was a pair of Ollo shoes, worth $99, which are specially designed for freerunning, as well as $100 worth of food vouchers.

During the final round of the competition, participants were given a minute to leap, vault and somersault over wooden obstacles and metal scaffolding in a freestyle parkour routine.

The traceurs, who came from Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan as well as Singapore, were judged on creativity, difficulty and flow.

"Flow is being able to connect all the movements in one graceful movement, like a dance," says Derrick Siu, 40, founder of Superfly Monkey Dragons.

In earlier rounds, participants were also tested on their speed, teamwork, jumping ability and strength.